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暗証キー (英数字で8文字以内)

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Acting General Secretary of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC ) No rris Witter yesterday announced the union¨s plans to confront the Government of Guyana in a bid to reverse what it calls the decline of Guyana into a f ailed state.Witter informed media operatives that in keeping with the mandate given to the GTUC at the May Day rally held on the lawns of the Critchlow Labour College compound, the union will from next week be conducting a series of activities to address the Government¨s violat i

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? Mandatory 10% security deposit being mulledBy Leonard GildarieR egulators are moving to introduce stern measures that will mandate rice millers to put down at least 10 per cent of their last crop paddy purchases as a cash surety, as current legislations fail to protect rice farmers.Government officials on Thursd ay admitted that they are fighting a losing battle as some rice millers bluntly refused to pay farmers on time, a no-no under recently amended legislations which demand interest for lat eいた

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The Guyana Women¨s Lawyer¨s Associat http: ion has spoken out against the Police Commi ssioner Henry Greene and the present allegations before him.The association said that the allegation is a very serious one and requires an immediate and thorough investigation by the Guyana Police Force.It was further stated by the members that they were surprised that to date Mr. Greene has not proceeded on administrative leave which he should have done forthwith.They stressed that Greene,Cheap Jerseys USA, who is anいた

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Eleven bab ies were born on Mother¨s Day at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corpora http: tion (GPHC).But yesterday all 42 patients in the postnatal ward were all given something to smile about ? Teddies hampers from Marketing and Distribution,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes, a member of the Neal & Massey Group of Companies.The first Mother¨s Day baby,NFL Jerseys Outlet, was born to Dinelle Herbert of Hadfeild Street, Lodge.Joan Rodrigues receives her Mot her¨s Day hamper from Teddies Representative, Geneva S iいた

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??? ?willing to consider reworked Amaila¨s project ^If you are being asked to fix a man¨s motorc http: ar and he brings the hub caps and the back windscreen alone´is it reasonable to say that you have looked at it and fixed it? There is not any Amaila falls project before Parliament and there has never been. ̄- GreenidgeHours after the US developer officially confirmed its pullout from Guyana¨s flagship hydro electric project, the country¨s largest Opposition b loc has made it clear that it is prepared tいた

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